Affinity Space – Passion City Church


Originally, I was going to do my AS video on Pinterest but I felt really insecure in representing a space that I wasn’t fully familiar with. Therefore I decided to provide insight into the space of my church – Passion City Church (PCC). I have attended PCC for about a year and fully identify with the values and mission of the church. In creating this video I wanted people to get the idea that PCC is a modern, diverse, and global church. A major aspect of this space that I would like changed is the facilitation of interpersonal relationships. Since it is such a big space and encompasses a large body of people, it is hard to build relationships with other people at PCC. I would maybe suggest different programs that allow for more generating to be done by the general population and no solely the leaders in the church.

Movie Making Process

This was the first time that I had to film a screen capture. It actually wasn’t very hard using Screen Cast O Matic. I think being able to do this really enhanced the quality of my video because the church itself had some great clips that represented them well. I remixed these videos by splitting and trimming them so serve my purpose. The program I used was Movie Maker which was sufficient enough for all the editing I wanted to do. I simply combined these videos, pictures and my voice to make my video!

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